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Class at Bijra High School on 4/3/2009

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

It was lucky to get the 11:20 B-Zone bus to Kataberia. People who went to Bijra? Ratnadeep (rtnpro), Kishan, Bappi, Meejanur, Harsh ( with his digikam). They reached the school by 12:00 PM. We called the Std. VIII students in groups in the Computer Lab. Bappi and Kishan took charge of the lab. Basically, it was kind of a recapitulation or better introductory class for the Std. VIII students. The students were introduced to the OpenOffice Writer and later they had some hands-on with TuxPaint. Ratnadeep and Meejanur went to Std. V to take theory. O Gash! It was some different Std. V than the last time we saw it, full of din and bustle. They started the speak on the topic CPU and its components. Don’t know what happened, was it that they could not communicate the topic nicely or the kids were in a mood of fun, the class could not continue. The two talked on this matter to their teachers and asked for their cooperation to make the students more disciplined. Then it was the half day break. After that, there was the computer lab for the students of Std. VI and Ratnadeep and Bappi went to Std. VII. The students were serious. The class was responsive and inquisitive. Some interesting questions were being asked :

Can I see what’s in my friend’s bag with a computer?

How to start a computer?

How to play games in computer?

As always, Bappi gave a nice brief introduction on the basics of a computer. And Ratnadeep spoke on the WHY part … Why to study computers? How it will make their education a fun? How info was shared before the advent of computers , mobiles, phones and what it is now? All this time, Harsh was on the move taking the pics for the day’s Bijra report. We were about to end the class, but we had to end it in an unusual manner when we heard the horn of the 3:15 PM Bus back to Durgapur. Ratnadeep shouted for the Bus to wait, he and Bappi bade them goodbye and ran for the bus. They called the others and finally boarded the bus. The students were all gathered near the windows to bid them Good Bye.