Class IX is smart enough

Actually Beton missed the interesting incident beyond our going there to make those kids grasp LINUX. On Day 2 during our course to teach them normal basics of computers .. from bengali tutorial prepared by DGPLUG suddenly came the time where Ajitesh asked them ki “Bolo to Internet ki hoy ?? ” which in english means tell me “What is Internet” .. reply came from a boy sittin in 3rd row ( hope i remember finely ) quite Unxpectedly that “Internet diye amra result dekte pai” means in english “we can see our results through Internet”. We were surprised that being a school dominated by slum dwellers they r in touch with the world may b too less compared to a town school but yet I personally was very happy as he knew the application of Internet. Class IX grasps the syallabi pretty fast as it is in Bengali its becoming more helpful.

Hope we can develop them more !!

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