On 27 feb we again went to bijra for our second day class. while classes are taken as normal with a lot of enthusiasm from the student.we found some really interesting instances.

1) 1st of all we tried to finish our gaint pending task thats installing fedora on their machine.The installation was going around smoothly when loadsheding occur,the real fun begun. the ups can give a backup of 20 min with 25 min of installation remaining .but of 20 min of breathtaking moments the UPS gave up just when finalizing installation was about to occur.:(

2) Monthly test were going on ,so we decided to wait for sometime for a class to come. class 8 did have few moments with us today.

after the test were over,or rather terminated before time by the students,just to have our class.(guess we are having publicity)  :)

class 9 and 8 had a schedule clash.9 been given some priority.

dont worry class 8 we will have you next time.

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