this is a snapshot of class 9(taken by ajitesh)On 5th of february ,we,members of DGPLUG,went to take their class.

we prepared a module for them in bengali,so that it is easily digestable for them.The module was designed to start from scratch.

On reaching there we were given 3 classes to take,8 A,8 B and 9 are the three classes. I took the class of 8A .Ajitesh took the class of 8 B ,and we jointly took 9’s class.Every class has an average of 60 students.

our experience is something like this:-

while i was taking the class,what i experience was that this class has tremendous potential and the willingness to learn. Everything that we said were taken immediatly,sometimes even before we delivered it. :) we in 40 min almost completed the module.
the next turn was of Ajitesh who took the class of 8 B.this class as compared to that of 8 A ,took a little bit more time to take what we delivered.But enthusiasm was very high.

last but not the least class 9 was very prompt in taking our lectures.

after 3 hrs of continous class we returned home.

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