Class Taken on


It was 16th February when Meejanur and Ratnadip went to take the classes at Bijra High School. As in the previous week the other members of the team already visited there and took classes of V. Already they have taught them the basics about computer, means what is keyboard, monitor, mouse etc. The students at least got an clear picture about what computer is from the previous class. So Meejanur and Ratna planned to take classes of class VII and VIII and the practical class of class V. But they reached there a little late bacause of the bad communication system.

  However they reached at around 11:30.They ,at first took the practical class of V. As the number of students of one class was more than 70 so they had to devide the entire class in two part because of the lack of computer there.  They switched the computer on and then took the practical classes of  of V-A section. Within this half portion they again devide them in parts of boys and girls.Ratna took the the responsibility of making one group understand and Meejanur took the other. They showed them the components of computer as taught in the previous class. Some students grasped it at the moment, some created disturbance for lack of their English knowledge, as some of them didn’t know meaning of left and right. Then the students were told how to type. They were then asked to write their own names. After this tasked been finished they were shown some basics tools. To make computer as a funny enjoyable thing it was  planned to show them the thing of their interest. And from the students  they came to know that they all all enjoys playing in drawing. So the two teachers(Ratnadeep and Meejanur) show them “paint”. They showed the basics of this tool as they learnt it fast as they were already interested on it. However after  it was shown to them, the two’s told them to implement the thing by their own. At first some of them were even fearing of touching the mouse[:)]. But they learnt to do it and they enjoyed it very much. They both also distributed some chocolate among the best performers which might build them more interest. After this their break started and they went. After the break for the lack of time Ratna went to take the class of VIII and Meejanur took the V-B section’s practical class. In the class VIII Ratna taught them the basics and some of them knew the basics which was helpful for making them understandable. However these two classes ware taken on that day.


Thus the whole day passed. It was 4:00 pm then, which was the end of their classes. So Meejan and Ratna came out of the school and waited for the bus and at 4:30 bus came and both came back. Thus the another day of Bijra passed… 

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