LTSP Training

At last we had computers ready to be hand over to Bijra High School. For we had 21 days of our July and August dedicated to preparing and testing Bijra High School’s computers. WBUT ( West Bengal University of Technology ) had promised us to donate 5 Computers including a server ,so that Bijra dont get deprived of facilities .

In the 21 days and also few of our previous weekends we.the members of dgplug and students of BCREC had intensive training regarding implementation and testing of LTSP under Indranil Das Gupta.

Our server is of configuration:

Its a HCL infinity Pro BL1230 with 1024 MB of RAM and Asus Combo drive

Our clients were 3 Dell Optiplex GX110 PIII machines with 128 MB of RAM and one IBM NetVista 6647.

In our training course we tested Local Audio, Local Device access like USB Drive, FDD and CDROM.

Some thing that were of real interest is FL_Teacher Tool which allow a instructor to have complete control over his fleet of machines.

We also had a Kiwix (offlineWikipedia), WordNet 3.0( Dictionary) , Kushal Das’s Tutorial .

Our Choice of Distro was Fedora 7(Moonshine) and we implemented LTSP4.2u2.

See here for kiwix

See here for FL_Teacher Tool

See here for WordNet

See here for our project Report. (coming soon)


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