Class at Bijra High School on 6/3/2009

March 11th, 2009

It was a normal day at Bijra High School, Ratnadeep ( rtnpro ), Bappi and Harsh went there with their notebooks all running on Fedora 10. It was the previous day’s fiasco in Std. V that made rtnpro think that the kids need to enjoy the computers and then start learning the boring theory. So, he talked with Subhodip Biswas and decided to go to Bijra High School with notebooks, to make the classes more interactive. As expected, when they went to Std. VII, they all jumped up to their feet to see the DGPLUG guys opening our notebooks infront of them. Bappi and rtnpro  showed them how to start the computer, how to login, explained the username-password relation with lock-and-key analogy. Then Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury and Shreyank Gupta from NIT Durgapur arrived at Bijra High School. Then the class was continued. Bappi and Ratnadeep ( rtnpro) showed the kids some cool KDEedu applications like Marble, Kbruch, played Videos, Songs, pictures, showed the kids themselves on the Laptop screen with Cheese. In between, Harsh was so frustrated that he was dying to teach apart from taking pics. Lucky, for him he found that the kids understood Hindi and he right away dived in to interact with the kids. We did it in groups. They were all elated. Then they were taken to the lab in two groups. There Bappi, Rangeen and Shreyank took charge. Shreyank also mended the mouse-cut wires of the speakers, and made them functional. He started showing to the students some cool Nat-Geo videos, while others were on the other comuters with Bappi and Rangeen trying their hands on TuxPaint. Meanwhile, Ratnadeep  and Harsh went to Std. VI with our notebooks. It was kind of the same response as we received in Std. VII. As in Std. VII, we showed them how to start a computer and do login. We also showed some cool applications like Marble, Kbruch, videos, music and pics. They were all enjoying the class. They now seemed really serious in learning this computer subject. It was around 3 PM that we wrapped up the classes. We introduced Rangeen and Shryank to Nizam Sir, the HeadMaster at Bijra High School. Then we got the 3:15 PM bus to Durgapur.

Thus a normal day at Bijra turned out to be a great successful day for both us and the students of Bijra.

Class at Bijra High School on 4/3/2009

March 11th, 2009

It was lucky to get the 11:20 B-Zone bus to Kataberia. People who went to Bijra? Ratnadeep (rtnpro), Kishan, Bappi, Meejanur, Harsh ( with his digikam). They reached the school by 12:00 PM. We called the Std. VIII students in groups in the Computer Lab. Bappi and Kishan took charge of the lab. Basically, it was kind of a recapitulation or better introductory class for the Std. VIII students. The students were introduced to the OpenOffice Writer and later they had some hands-on with TuxPaint. Ratnadeep and Meejanur went to Std. V to take theory. O Gash! It was some different Std. V than the last time we saw it, full of din and bustle. They started the speak on the topic CPU and its components. Don’t know what happened, was it that they could not communicate the topic nicely or the kids were in a mood of fun, the class could not continue. The two talked on this matter to their teachers and asked for their cooperation to make the students more disciplined. Then it was the half day break. After that, there was the computer lab for the students of Std. VI and Ratnadeep and Bappi went to Std. VII. The students were serious. The class was responsive and inquisitive. Some interesting questions were being asked :

Can I see what’s in my friend’s bag with a computer?

How to start a computer?

How to play games in computer?

As always, Bappi gave a nice brief introduction on the basics of a computer. And Ratnadeep spoke on the WHY part … Why to study computers? How it will make their education a fun? How info was shared before the advent of computers , mobiles, phones and what it is now? All this time, Harsh was on the move taking the pics for the day’s Bijra report. We were about to end the class, but we had to end it in an unusual manner when we heard the horn of the 3:15 PM Bus back to Durgapur. Ratnadeep shouted for the Bus to wait, he and Bappi bade them goodbye and ran for the bus. They called the others and finally boarded the bus. The students were all gathered near the windows to bid them Good Bye.

Class Taken on

February 18th, 2009


It was 16th February when Meejanur and Ratnadip went to take the classes at Bijra High School. As in the previous week the other members of the team already visited there and took classes of V. Already they have taught them the basics about computer, means what is keyboard, monitor, mouse etc. The students at least got an clear picture about what computer is from the previous class. So Meejanur and Ratna planned to take classes of class VII and VIII and the practical class of class V. But they reached there a little late bacause of the bad communication system.

  However they reached at around 11:30.They ,at first took the practical class of V. As the number of students of one class was more than 70 so they had to devide the entire class in two part because of the lack of computer there.  They switched the computer on and then took the practical classes of  of V-A section. Within this half portion they again devide them in parts of boys and girls.Ratna took the the responsibility of making one group understand and Meejanur took the other. They showed them the components of computer as taught in the previous class. Some students grasped it at the moment, some created disturbance for lack of their English knowledge, as some of them didn’t know meaning of left and right. Then the students were told how to type. They were then asked to write their own names. After this tasked been finished they were shown some basics tools. To make computer as a funny enjoyable thing it was  planned to show them the thing of their interest. And from the students  they came to know that they all all enjoys playing in drawing. So the two teachers(Ratnadeep and Meejanur) show them “paint”. They showed the basics of this tool as they learnt it fast as they were already interested on it. However after  it was shown to them, the two’s told them to implement the thing by their own. At first some of them were even fearing of touching the mouse[:)]. But they learnt to do it and they enjoyed it very much. They both also distributed some chocolate among the best performers which might build them more interest. After this their break started and they went. After the break for the lack of time Ratna went to take the class of VIII and Meejanur took the V-B section’s practical class. In the class VIII Ratna taught them the basics and some of them knew the basics which was helpful for making them understandable. However these two classes ware taken on that day.


Thus the whole day passed. It was 4:00 pm then, which was the end of their classes. So Meejan and Ratna came out of the school and waited for the bus and at 4:30 bus came and both came back. Thus the another day of Bijra passed… 

Our first class in Bijra High School

February 13th, 2009

It was 9 February 2009, that day we Kishan, Bappi, Harsh and me (Ratnadeep) went to Bijra. We had to wait  for nearly an hour to get a bus to Bijra. We shared some funny moments during the wait. It was around 1:30 PM that we reached Bijra High School. The very first thing, we had a talk with Nizam Sir, the Head Master of Bijra High School. We came to know that it was then lunch going out there and we had to wait till 2:00 PM for the students to turn up. In the meantime, we spoke to some students at random and enquired of how far they have been taught, when was the last class taken, etc. Then we went out for a walk around the school and took some cool pastoral pics, thanks to Harsh for bringing his DigiKam.

It was 2:00 PM and finally the students turned up. We went to classroom of Std. V to take our first class. We introduced ourselves to them and started with the teaching part. We asked them what they know about computers, did they see any till date, did they use it? The response was mixed in nature. They said that once they were taken to the computer classroom and were taught to type in their names. Some students missed their visit to the computer room as they were absent. Then Bappi drew a basic computer diagram on the board showing the hardware parts of the computer. In the mean time, I tried to convey to the students that what role the computer does play in their life without them even realising it. Since they all knew about calculators and mobile phones, I started discussing that the devices they are using now had to be invented because of the ever increasing human need to do things in a better way and with a greater speed. I told them about the days, when we were of their age, when there were no mobile phones in the locality, limited PCOs in the area, and the time when people had to communicate via the postal service. But now, thanks to the telecommunication system, that we don’t solely rely on postal service for speaking to each other. I then mentioned the various fields where computer is in use. I then urged them not to take this computer as a burden, but to learn to use it to do their work in a better way, to make their education enjoyable.

After the brief introduction, we started asking them to identify the various parts of a computer drawn on the black board. They were a bit hesitant in the beginning. Then I announced that anyone answers or asks a question will get a chocolate. The environment changed dramatically. There were some bright students in the class and very enthusiastic. They were able to identify the parts of the computer and described their functionality. Then I found  that they have got a chapter on Computer in their Bengali Text Book. An there is a smart boy named Debmalya Das who even knew/read about RAM/ROM and explained their functions. But most of the students were having trouble in understanding the Keyboard and the Mouse. Bappi did a great job in making them understand. Bappi took the example of the mobile and its number pad and related this to the keyboard. He also nicely explained the concept of a mouse and the icons and how to select them. Then we explained the term “Computer = Compute + er” and related this to “Sangeetkaar = Sangeet + Kaar”. They got this example very well and understood that a computer is a device that computes or calculates. Except a few girls, others were not that interested. We tried to inspire them, but we are still to see their response in the next class.

Finally it was around 3:30 PM that we wrapped up the class. The students were urging us to continue taking the class. But alsa! we had to leave. Then they asked, when we would come next. We said that we’ll be back the next week and bade Goodbye and left. Some students came rushing to touch our feet. We all were dumbstruck at this.  I, Kishan and Harsh some how managed to escape, but Bappi was  caught right in the middle surrounded by students. What a scene? Then we bade goodbye to Nizam Sir and took off. But alas! We missed the 3:30 PM bus. We had to wait for an hour in the lonely Bijra road till we got a bus.

It was a great experience at Bijra, with the students of Bijra HHigh School.

Video links :

rtnpro teaching at Bijra High School

bappi teaching at Bijra High School

Picture link:

View the pics here



Ratnadeep, rtnpro

Bijra High School project feedback

December 13th, 2007

It has been a while since the last update ……

Bijra High project finally started with a good thrust. After a grand inauguration which created all the buzz. there were quit a number of news media covering bijra high school project .

Some of them are .

Etv Bangla : The Bengali  counterpart of Etv network .the video has been uploaded in can find it here

Express News : a local channel to Durgapur ..but its network is being used by kolkata TV .you can find the video here

Indian Express  : A pic is here

More to come

Bijra High School Final Prep!

November 13th, 2007

At last final preps are over , on 14 th we are having the delivery of 5 machines from WBUT .

On 15 th a inauguration will be held where chief guest will be Vice chancellor of WBUT , Prof Ashok Ranjan Thakur .  Along with other administrative officials of the city.

LTSP Training

September 4th, 2007

At last we had computers ready to be hand over to Bijra High School. For we had 21 days of our July and August dedicated to preparing and testing Bijra High School’s computers. WBUT ( West Bengal University of Technology ) had promised us to donate 5 Computers including a server ,so that Bijra dont get deprived of facilities .

In the 21 days and also few of our previous weekends we.the members of dgplug and students of BCREC had intensive training regarding implementation and testing of LTSP under Indranil Das Gupta.

Our server is of configuration:

Its a HCL infinity Pro BL1230 with 1024 MB of RAM and Asus Combo drive

Our clients were 3 Dell Optiplex GX110 PIII machines with 128 MB of RAM and one IBM NetVista 6647.

In our training course we tested Local Audio, Local Device access like USB Drive, FDD and CDROM.

Some thing that were of real interest is FL_Teacher Tool which allow a instructor to have complete control over his fleet of machines.

We also had a Kiwix (offlineWikipedia), WordNet 3.0( Dictionary) , Kushal Das’s Tutorial .

Our Choice of Distro was Fedora 7(Moonshine) and we implemented LTSP4.2u2.

See here for kiwix

See here for FL_Teacher Tool

See here for WordNet

See here for our project Report. (coming soon)


after a long time

August 5th, 2007

It has been quit a while,that we last updated this blog.

Today we decided to plan the setup for the computers that we are recieving from wbut.

did a little bit of measurement for our ethernet setup.

hopefully setup will be completed by this week or the next ,so that we can resume with more power than before.


May 10th, 2007

Today was a wonderful day in Bijra,Sunny weather,clear sky,fresh air and last but not the list we encountered a fresh bunch of students. Just being promoted from primary to secondary these students have never seen a Computer before.With request from Nizam Sir,we took a special class of these students.

we showed them what different thing a computer can do,from paint to song ,from word processor to edutainment.

Guess what ??      they are simply” WOW” ed. Here is a pic..


Bijra Revisted

May 7th, 2007

Today after so many days went to Bijra. While nothing has changed in this 2 months except class 10 has forgot everything( very disappointing) ,we found class 9( previously class 8 ) a very good class which if moulded can been taken above limits. Today did some interactive study using Kbruch,kolorpaint and Xmms.

Here are some pics.

Student With xmmsAjitesh with kolorpaint and interested spectators… :)We got a new teacher to teche kbruch